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RIOT provides multi-functional training for young athletes in Charleston, South Carolina who are passionate about their sport and seeking to gain an athletic edge

For all sports

Daily workouts vary to build well rounded athletes


Weekly monitoring assures optimal development


Training beyond athletics


"Just wanted to give a shout-out to Andrew for all the work he did training my two sons. He was very organized and worked the kids hard yet helped them to understand why they were doing the various exercises they were doing. It was obvious, given his professional hockey experience, that he knew what he was doing and what was required to help get them stronger and faster and reach their goals.
Would highly recommend Andrew and his team to anyone looking for one on one or small group training."

• John Seville - Charleston, SC.

"My son, Ty aged 11-14, worked out with Andrew for four summers. Not only did it improve Ty physically, but it taught him about working out. Andrew did evaluations at the beginning and at the end, and his improvement in speed times and reps was amazing. Andrew was tough on the boys and pushed them, but Ty never complained. Andrew was great with them, and they loved him."

• Sue L, Michigan

"Andrew trained my son and a few of his team mates for a summer and the results from working with him were incredible. He tailored the workouts specifically for their hockey and made each workout challenging and creative in a way that kept them wanting to go back for more. That year our team won States which I know was a direct result of the training they received."

• Shawn Z, Michigan

"Andrew Rowe goes beyond being just an ice hockey coach or trainer. He teaches all aspects of the game that goes over and above teaching on the ice. From nutrition to off ice training and to personalize on ice training for each individual player. Including all the minor details that team coaches skip over. I would recommend Andrew to all players no matter their skill level."

• Bryan S, Charleston SC



Our mission is to help young athletes perform at their peak to achieve an athletic edge in their competitive field while maintaining passion for their sport. We provide multi-functional athleticism combined with power, speed, agility and endurance. Additionally, and arguably the most crucial, we provide mentorship which gives each athlete personalized guidance for physical and mental growth.At RIOT we focus on general athleticism with very specific training methods. Furthermore we instill a strict regimen which teaches our students the value of consistency.


Andrew Rowe

Owner and Instructor

My name is Andrew Rowe, professional athlete for 14 years. My entire life has revolved around athletics. As a child I played just about every sport available to me. I eventually found the most joy playing Ice Hockey. I committed to Michigan State University as a student-athlete and after 3 years I signed a professional contract with Philadelphia Flyers. I continued my education while playing pro and completed my bachelors degree in Human Resources. I have had the opportunity to play all over the US, Canada and Europe. I can honestly say the main reason I have been able to extend my career this long is due to my specific methods of power, speed and agility training off the ice.My family now calls Charleston home after falling in love with the city while serving as Captain of the South Carolina Stingrays between 2014 - 2016. I hope to extend my knowledge and passion to the next generation of Charleston athletes.

Matt Tugnutt

Associate and Instructor

Two years of professional hockey and nine years of amateur hockey at the Junior “A” and Division 1 Collegiate level. Attended Sacred Heart University where I graduated early with a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, majoring in Sports Management. I then attended Providence College taking Leadership Development and Organizational Communication courses.I began training and mentoring young athletes while playing Junior hockey in Canada. I have continued to work each off season to not only develop both on and off ice skills with young players, but to share my passion for the game of hockey.


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RIOT provides training for all young athletes between the ages 10-16 years old.


RIOT's first session will kick off on Monday, June 12, 2023. Sessions are Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 7:15am. The last day of training will be Thursday, July 20, 2023.Depending on the age groups and number of students we will adjust the sessions to accommodate the group sizes to a comfortable number.


All sessions will take place at Hampton Park downtown Charleston. See picture for parking / meeting location

Upon request, I am open to hosting extra training sessions in James Island at Thomas Johnson Park. Address: 1443 Secessionville Rd. Charleston SC 29412.


Each session runs approximately 1hr 30min.


Private 1 on 1 session = $75 per session
Session with 2 or more = $50 per athlete, per session

**All sessions take place outdoors which puts us at the mercy of Mother Nature. If weather restricts us from working outdoors, we will go to the gym, Just You Fitness, inside the North Charleston Ice Palace.
The athletes will be exposed to heavily monitored, age-appropriate, exercises in the weight room. I believe it is crucial for kids to be exposed to weight room exercises with strict supervision so they can learn proper technique and safety measures.


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What Can You Expect During A Session At RIOT:

7:15a - Each training session begins with a proper warm up to teach the importance of preparing the body for intense training. During the warm up we discuss proper technique for each movement.7:30a - Afterward, we do testing which can be measured and monitored from week to week. It is crucial to see where each individual is improving so they can see and feel the hard work making a difference. After the tests, we dive right into the core of that day's workout. Each day will have a specific theme targeting certain aspects of what an athlete needs. From short explosive agility training to long powerful sprints and jumps, we tap into the necessary skills needed for all types of sports.8:00a - After the core workout we will do a competition style workout that brings out the best in each individual because, let's face it, no one likes to lose.8:20a - Following the competition we do a cool down stretch and then a game where everyone can be competitive yet have some fun at the same time.Each day we provide the daily workout on paper so the students can record their results and maintain a file so we can monitor their progress.